There are different types of ecosystems and is responsible for different types of environments these are some –

Forest ecosystems. Grassland ecosystems.

Desert ecosystems. Tundra ecosystems.

Freshwater ecosystem. Marine ecosystems.

These environments are major in atmosphere. There are also two environments called national geographic and man-made. These are different because national geographic is nature takes to its own causes and man-made is when people make the land there own and plant there own crops or have animals or wild life. Deserts are really hot and they can cause something called a drought this is when there’s no water in the area and the desert has cracks on the floor.

    Drought - Environmental DisasterA ecosystem for an environment is different because you get different weather , animals , plants and organisms that are in rivers or on land that are small. This means that environments also living and non-living occurrences in the different environments if the place was hot only small animals and not many plants will be there and not no water but if it was a grassy terrain then you will see streams and plants and wild life.

Rainforest also is the opposite to a desert because the environment is always raining most of the time like in a jungle like the amazon they hold swamps and they sometimes have forest fires.

Costa Rican Rainforest.

We live in an environment are selves people don’t look after it much either because they dump litter on the floor and harm the eco system and the animals because they die within rubbish tangles.

Windows of the World

Bridge in a Rain Forest