Pets are cared by the public they have a role of protecting them whilst inside households or property’s and seeking medical attention when needed. Many different vets are rated poor to high standard in rating people go for vet care that is appropriate and high quality.

Different animals at clinics are small or large the breeds makes the vet able to identify if any is broken or needs surgery on. Cost of surgery’s or medication are high over £200 pound and medication a bit less but still a lot of money owed.

Mostly dogs and cats receive injections that are three boosters to give before they go out so they will protect the animal this is covered through pet insurance what needs to be paid regally otherwise you can get arrested for not paying what you owe for the treatment.

Pets can get anxiety if you leave them for to long so they can get depressed but the vet that you see can get medication for the pet to take in different forms.

Vets can take blood to see if there’s anything nasty going on in the body before it spreads but also can fix the problem sooner than losing a beloved pet. A pet is like a member of the family to the public and people get sad and upset not good on mental health because you can get depression from this.