Travel guides are a leaflet or broacher that either tell you about the place or where you are going to with some information telling you about what they do activities , what’s in the place or were your staying and if there is a resort. Travel means you can either get on trains , car , boat or airplanes to help you get to the destination.

These books you can buy from travel shops and they normally would say the place on the front of the cover with a picture. The most popular guide is national geographic then different states in the world and third is Disney broacher.

Florida and Paris are really popular for Disney with the kids and members of the public because millions go every year.

Popular destinations are –

  • South Island, New Zealand.
  • Paris. Bora Bora.   Maui.
  • Tahiti .London.
  • Rome. Phuket. . Disney land

These are the best destinations to visit most you will need to take airplane because there far away. The guides show you places in the destination were you can shop and enjoy to relax and find history there like at Rome the colosseum.

Rome is one of the countries that has history like some parts of the uk. They have museums and artefacts that people are interested to learn about them that’s why people also travel to different places to see something different what they haven’t seen before.