There are different ways to travel and its either expensive or cheap depends on were your traveling to and what platform your getting. Travel expenses on airplanes are very expensive and cruse ships they cost over £1000.00 pound per person to fly or travel by water.

Other travel like trains and buses you can buy travel passes to ride on them to take you to were you want to go in your region. This is helpful because certain travel is quicker than others like trains cut though to areas straight way that is far. The expenses for these types of travel is expensive because it costs over £100.00 pound or just below like £87.90 for month train pass. Buses however the costs for them are different because you can get day savers or day tickets back and forward to the place once and the tickets can only be used one a day.

Travel cost calculation concept.

To travel you need to think about how much everything’s going to cost and you will need a reasonable budget like your working because its going to cost some wealthy people travel a lot if they have jobs in different countries.

Members of the public calculate the cost before deciding on what travel is best and probley check the weather before traveling so they not going to get stuck at destination.

Illustration of a flying airplane


If you go by airplane you need ID photos and passport and authorisation that it self costs a lot for a journey plus trip expenses and making sure that you got spending money for the area it aint straight forward.