The importance of education



It is very important to get educated as this will come to your benefit in the future. In order to get a job, you need to be educated otherwise you will struggle to get a job. Being educated enables you to stand out from other people as you will be able to showcase your knowledge and skills. This is why that when young people leave secondary school and then go to college it is important that they know what course they want to study as they would want to get a job based on the course they studied at college and university (that is if they go).

Young people must get work experience which will help them get a job. Employers do look at work experience and they would want that the potential applicant has the necessary work experience. They can get this through an apprenticeship as they will earn as they learn, and they could get a job through an apprenticeship.         

In order to get a job, you need to be educated and this will enable you to have a bright and prosperous future. Without being educated, it is very difficult to get a job and you will struggle financially. You will end up on benefits and you may be advised to enrol onto courses to gain knowledge and skills and to try to look for a job.