Shopping is the everyday life we shop for food, clothes, stationery and other like supply’s for work this means that people can choose what they want and be happy. Shopping makes people happy in different ways like they can try clothes on or by the right size for them to put on adults can also make there children wear nice descent clothes as well that they love but people sometimes look at prices and sometimes say that the price is too high or expensive.


Elegant shopper

This is showing that there are people shopping in Birmingham bullring shopping centre some of the shops are expensive and really good quality in clothes and brands though. You can also go shopping for footwear and headwear there are shops so you can buy the items from.


Footwear is expensive from timberlands for example because there is more than £100.00 because also they might expect you to pay for the tax credit as well. I had a look on the website and these are £180.00 from the timberland shop in the city centre they are men builder boots to wear in construction sites for safety and protection.

Stylish shoes kid child children girl boy timberland airport terminal waiting flight

When you shopping you can spend some quality time with your family there are different countries to go to and they have a different range of different clothing because it’s in their area. Food anyway helps feed your family and people make dinner and all sorts to keep them going this helps the human body produce energy.