Sales and marketing is when a company advertises products legally with permission from the other organisation that your willing to pair with. The organisation needs approval to copy the products and change the products to sell for the company. The goods of the company and services must be in control at all times because to check if the goods are in date or bought and can sell if not they will need to call that person to say that there out of stock.

For collecting sales and marketing data people will use a spread sheet this keeps how many products are left in each categorie. For these the members of the organisations makes advertisements for advertising products from the shop online that’s been created.

To this there is management to make sure sites safe and secure from hackers because then it can cause the site to crash a lot without warning. Normally the site will have a pad lock on left hand side of the search bar. Sales can be done though telephone with numbers from a database that you can call and advertise the site. Bar charts and graphs are used in meetings are used to show the sales that are successful in business and if they meet the deadline so they made profit.


The organisations can advertise by putting out videos or flyers to people to have a look at the shop online to see if people are interested to buy certain products.