There are many different species of poisonous pets that people look after or in a pet centre but before handling they normally would look at guides and what the animals nature is  because certain toxins like snakes some of them creates blood clots and can kill you without anti-venom. Scorpions act the same but the poison damages the nervous system and so do toxic frogs if not handled correctly.


If you take care of poisonous animals wear gloves and feed them and treat them propley so they feel safe and yourself feeding is important for them like they eat mice , other frogs or other meals but snakes have to be given on a stick. Scorpions and spiders get fed normally buy giving them little bait or leaves or grass.

These sorts of pets can be stored in glass containers or heated containers because they live in hot climates some can just live in a glass container with trees and plants in called a habitat for like snakes and frogs.

Looking after these costs a lot sometimes because of electric and food and everything else because the equipment is needed for the types of pet environments. This pet is not poisonous but some keep alligator’s as pets as well in there back gardens in a built pond or swimming pool these can snap and harm a human quite bad killing because crocodiles eat meat.

An Alligator in Florida