Motability can lease a mobility scooter to you if you meet their requirements. You would need to be recipient of one of the benefits – Disability Living Allowance (higher rate) personal Independence Payment or Armed Forces Independent Payment or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. There are different mobility scooters like three wheeled ones they go a bit faster than four wheel and there electronic these are used for people mostly in there elderly state.

Mobility! Electric Scooter Wheelchair for the Disabled!

People with mobility scooters can park in disabled parking this means you need a blue badge to park there otherwise you can receive a fine for parking there called a ticket.

Mobility scooters are very pricey and people get them free as well but the prices range 1,000 to 3,000 in money some people cant even afford this because its to expensive.

Independence at Home is one organisation that provides grants of up to £500 to people of all ages who have a physical or learning disability. This grant can be used towards not only a mobility scooter, but other home adaptation or essential items that are not available from public funds. This is how people get a free mobility scooter they get granted one and given £500.00.

Veleco GRAVIS - Mobility Scooter With Full LED Lights ~ Velobike

If an elderly person that needs help to work the scooter then members of the public help them and give them a helping hand because your offering support and not letting them go of course.

Illusion Mobiity Scooter - Lightest available - Bainbridge Mobility