There are many different mental illnesses that effect your mental health like if you break up with someone you might get  depression from it and you feel real low like you don’t want to eat. Eating disorder is the worst mental issue to put up with because people can die and go hungry and lose weight and gain a horrible body issue called anorexia members of the public can get concerned and see a doctor but they can refer you to a diet person a person from the medical team to help.

Depressed young lady having eating disorder, comforting herself with sweets on sofa at home

People can have this eating disorder and the opposite they can overeat and binge over something and put on weight and have a heart attack and get diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious disease it takes over your body and mind this aint healthy you can get different types these can kill if not taken seriously.

A lot of mental issues can trigger these disorders because things like abuse , violence , serve long term stress and many more. These are bad for health and needs to be addressed rather than later so you feel more confidant and no more hiding or eating a lot or not eating at all.

Young caucasian woman having eating disorder and eating greedily on the floor

This women is binge eating which is wrong and should see someone about this she needs help. She can ring people for advise so she can take steps to get her back to normal.