Meet me in Birmingham, UK

Meet me in Birmingham, UK


Health, Care & Wellness Informer (HCWI) is a first of its kind social community newspaper.

Birmingham city centre

The launch of HCWI newspaper got off to a great start… after much preparatory work and all registrations and necessary legality and permits. HCWI manager and editor Robert Edwards, is please to inform our loyal customers and friends that HCWI newspaper in tabloid form will be distributed throughout Kingstanding Ward, in the Northern part of the City, including parts of New Oscott, Witton Lakes and part of Kingstanding Circle, North Kingstanding, Perry Common and Wyrley Birch on Tuesday October 4th, 2016.


27460078212_25d729ff54_b1The paper’s initial 3500 circulation was well received by the local community. It is the hope that within the next three to six months HCWI will achieve its market target to distribute across ten specific districts as planned. HCWI aspiration is to distribute no less than 5000 newspapers a month at each location, an enviable aim is to achieve 50,000 in circulation over ten distinct district. Our incredible office operation from its prestigious location in the city centre, is well on the way. With all the bustle and good news raging on, HCWI is actively sourcing advertising executives, web and graphic designers to name a few, to help push the company robust agenda and marketing plan.


Working in collaboration with local businesses, trades and profession along with the local community at large, HCWI is confident that its aims to be realized as a local iconic social newspaper – will fit well into the membrane of the local communities it seeks to serve. Advertising with HCWI is kept at barest minimum in order to establish a fitting unique service paradigm. This will allow HCWI to support and encourage Job growth, business stability and community participation at all levels. 🙂 **Giving back is what we would say**

Welcome to Birmingham

We encourage you – our valued consumers and associates to be a part of the adventure. Feel free to submit your stories, views, opinions or experiences.  This is a great way to get into journalism. An excellent piece of evidence on your CV or next job hunt. Your views matters!