Looking after your brain


How wonderful is the human brain? It is the equivalent of a supercomputer: constantly in operation and firing off electrical impulses all over your cranium to regulate mood, operate crucial body functions, control temperature and interpret the bustling world around you among many other things it does day in day out. Much like our outward appearance, the proficiency of our cerebrum can dwindle as we age. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping your brain in tip top shape as you grow up.

According to studies posted by Harvard medical school, some low effort ways to prevent cognitive decline are:

  • Exercise
  • Getting enough sleep
  • No smoking
Want your brain to look like this? Keep reading to find out how!

Exercise is imperative not only for our body but for our minds. Studies have shown us that an hour of moderate exercise 1-3 times a week can greatly improve mood as chemical receptors in your brain called endorphins are triggered. Exercise also promotes the birth of new brain cells, leading to improved memory and sharper cognitive application.

A regular sleep pattern where you are getting 8 hours of sleep is paramount to brain function, as it is during sleep that our memory is consolidated from short term to long term within our thalamus area.

Smoking has adverse affects on the brain, one of which being it thins the cerebral cortex. This speeds up brain ageing and impairs thinking ability as well as capacity to switch frm one mental task to another.