Peoples lifestyles varies because people do activities differently and known has habits what they do some are sleeping , eating , stress , level of different activities and hydration habits. These make other judge different people over the lifestyles that there living so people react to them.

Lifestyles of the public has different behaviours , physical behaviours and interests that the community has everyone is different and has different point of views on there own lives to make a living. Interests are when members of the public has an interest of something and likes doing what ever that is.

Simple lifestyle

There is a thing called lifestyle data this provides intelligence of different people in the community and characteristics including hobbies what is an interest.

Peoples lifestyles are different in homes as well because they do tasks to get things done like cooking , cleaning and washing these are key in everyday life and for the community.

In lifestyle people make a living doing marketing getting sales because its earning some money to keep your life intact and pay bills so you wont become homeless because your doing something for the company.

Digital marketing media
What does lifestyle mean in marketing?
Lifestyle marketing is a marketing technique that positions the product or service to possess ideals, aspirations, and aesthetics that the target audience identifies with. In layman’s terms, it means that brands marketed in this way are a way of life for their audience.