How to Protect Kids?


How to Protect Kids from These Heart-breaking Safety Threats?

Poisoning – even though they taste terrible, lots of kids swallow household cleaners, medications and even insecticides – especially if they smell like lemon or another pleasing fragrance. What should you do? Put child safety locks on all cabinets that contain toxic household products.

Kitchen burns – kids see flames or a red hot stove coil and may want to touch them, which could lead to a nasty burn. What should you do? Stay by the stove when you’re cooking or baking to keep kids safely away.

Iron burns – I still remember the day my little sister put her entire hand on the hot iron my mother had left for a minute when she went to answer the door. My sister’s reaction? She screamed bloody murder. What should you do? Never leave a hot iron unattended or in a spot where a child could touch if if you’re not looking.

Child Safety and Protection, it the perfect time to shine a spotlight on unexpected threats to kids’ health and safety. Here are some ways kids could be endangered, with suggestions for protecting them.

Water burns – Any of us can get burned when the water coming out of the tap is too hot. Kids may not be able to react in time if they’re in the bathtub and turn on the hot water faucet. What should you do? Keep your hot water heater set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suffocation – Babies can die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome if they don’t get enough oxygen when they’re sleeping. What should you do? Put babies to sleep on their backs.


Playground accidents – It’s normal to take a tumble on the playground, but some falls can be more serious than others.

Head concussions – Head injuries have gotten increasingly common in a variety of school and club sports, but also during playing around. What should you do? If your kids play soccer or football, make sure their coach has adopted some of the newest techniques for reducing head injuries.