When you feel under pressure in a situation it can either make you panic or stress but there are ways to help calm a member of the public down. You can look for guidance or talk to advisers for info. If someone is stressing doing something that needs doing for instance lifting heavy equipment people should not allow people to lift if they cant its always helpful to give a member of your team a hand as this can calm them down.

Peoples mental status can get worse and that’s when they don’t know what to say expect they can speak to the NHS to get medication if people are really stressed or has an anxiety problem.


Once you take a few minutes to breathe, your nervous system will calm down so approaching a high-pressure system won’t feel so overbearing. Then surround yourself with the right people. These are the ways that you will be told. A way to also calm down some people eat to comfort them and some people do a sport called yoga.

To also keep calm you can listen to music as well or draw these hobbies or interests can relive anxiety and stress.

Sleep is key for pressured situations this is meant to calm you down and wake up feeling refreshed this is good for state of mind so you feel relaxed and get on with life.

People needs to sleep every day at least 9 – 12hours a night.