There’s a law but its not official in high way codes on motorways , highways , roads meaning that you will need to know the signs of dangers and road signs to follow or take notice of while driving because it can get dangerous if you don’t know the code and the meanings behind it. The high way code has been recently been changed but it doesn’t mean that people should act inappropriately while driving.

There’s different ways that high way codes can get out there like putting out guides and promoting road safety over social media. The high way code prevents crashes from happing and protecting family’s to drive safely but watch out for objects in the road that’s fallen down.

Highway code book. Book of traffic rules and law with traffic r

There’s many signs to many other different things like stop , school crossing , food signs and others but these are the few that are all over the world mainly because there needs to be road safety everywhere and were there’s not much order like India full of people pushing to get on trains.

There are some highway codes that are rare and you don’t see much of like a car blew up sign this means its a bad hazard and to never approach it because of harm and injury live it to the professionals to deal with the incident.

Car burning with open flames on a field

There will be an accident sign for this if it was in the road and on fire because they will have to close the road off.