High tech equipment-solar powered saving energy


This high tech piece of gadget is normally found on houses on top of the roofs the piece of technology is made from a high quality piece of material called Monocrystalline – These are most efficient and absorbs sun heat to power electricity within the home.

This type of material can be used in different sizes as well it varies these are the different 3 types of solar panels that is available. Solar panels are expensive at the moment but the value will go down. This equipment when installed lasts around 25 to 30 years and then they will have to be replaced.

There is also a solar plant fall of solar panels to power peoples homes and flats the heat is going directly though to a generator and also wind turbines generate electricity from solar power.

Using solar panels don’t put you of any risk of pollution or gases so its safe people to use.

One acre of land with solar panels on it costs an average of £21.250 to £42.500 that’s a lot of money to control electricity. People having solar panels on homes and business can reduce utility bills and savings. This if you have these panels are a win-win and your bills for the property will decrease in value.

The disadvantages of having solar panels stored

. Its a high cost to store these on homes or fields.

. Weather depending because you need suns rays to power.

. Associated with pollution

These are some examples of disadvantages of using this high technology its powerful but really expensive to use.