Heart cancer occurs when diseased cells grow out of control on or near the heart. These cells form a tumour. Cancer that begins in the heart is primary heart cancer. This form of heart cancer is extremely rare. Heart cancer more commonly occurs when cancer cells spread to the heart from cancer in a nearby organ.

people can get heart problems by feeling with symptom’s like fatigue , weakness , increase in heart rate or decrease , swelling around the ankles and other symptom’s. Most tumours that form in the heart aren’t cancerous. But some heart tumours can be cancerous. Cancer that begins in the heart is most often sarcoma, a type of cancer that originates in the soft tissues of the body. Heart cancer ( primary cardiac tumour) is extremely rare.

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You can prevent heart cancer by eating fruit and vegetable’s and having a balanced diet. Also you need to eat nuts, whole grains and other stuff. And also try not to smoke as this can have a bad effect on your heart and makes the outside build a mass on it which can kill you.


Avoid also having empty calories in food or drink because this doesn’t help with your heart functions for heart cancer.

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What is the treatment for heart cancer?

The main treatment is surgery to take out the tumour. But that may not be possible if the tumour is large or in the left side of your heart. Larger tumours may need to be partly removed to help relieve symptoms that affect your heart’s function. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy might help you live longer.