Health and safety at work act 1974

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Professional health risk assessments during work or at a place were you visit has to be done this means that chemicals or hazards and safety for others must be handled if anyone is harmed.

Besides this when your for example working in a office when people are listening to instructions or receive a booklet these will explain the risks that could be involved with the place of work its the law to follow this act of 1974 for safety.MON1306106

Reviewing the hazards and dangers makes you and people around you aware of the surroundings. If your in a work building site you will need the correct PPE which means personal , protective , equipment. This means that the gear will protect you from harmful things meaning if stuff from a high point will damage your skull if fallen on you.

Common hazards are like toxic gases and substances , slip hazards , trip over wires or boxes or people make hazards for other people to fall over or put them in harm.

DSC_8040These builders are wearing PPE this helps protect there head they need to wear PPE because they wont allow access to areas if there not wearing any.

Correct PPE for builders is helmet , gloves , boots , High viz jacket and protective eye shields but you can buy protective head set to put over your ears so you wont get hearing loss from if your using a jack hammer to drill the ground outside. If people don’t follow this health and safety act 1974 there is penalties.