Foods worldwide contain over 40 different kinds of nutrients this helps the body function some food like yogurt helps support bone development with vitamins in to help with movement and functions. Other foods have –








.Carbohydrates .Proteins .Fats .Vitamins

.Minerals .Dietary fibre



If we don’t eat then the body can die slowly of dehydration and hunger strike without everyday meals we will not survive. Food around the globe is way different because some countries are eating healthy like Greece or Italy they just normally eat salads or pastas.

Food from different parts of the country like china and uk are very different in food source because china’s got like water tanks for example with fish in it that people can cook them and eat if in the uk you buy the fish prepared and cut then you cook it or its cooked for you.

Vitamins and omega-3 is in fish many other foods like eggs , chicken , and vegetables and many other foods have potassium , magnesium and other chemicals to help the body. Some countries like America has too much fast food places to make people over weight this country has been at the top of the list for the place to get fat and over weight which is not good for the body.

There’s been a lot of deaths in the us because people cant sometimes control themselves in most other countries people are limited about what they eat because they are very poor or either got little fast food places. Food can be processed and also have calcium as well which is also good for the body.