Finances has many different ways to deal with money different businesses like

  • Public Finance,
  • Personal Finance,
  • Corporate Finance and Private Finance

Public finance – is when the government has recorded debt so they keep track of your personal finance money wise. They do a budget process to know how much your getting though computer. Financial administration is when the government all of which are aimed at achieving one common goal, which is to figure out how government can, create, maintain or intervene in the existing economy.

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Personal finance – is a term that covers managing your money as well as saving and investing. It encompasses budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, and tax and estate planning.

Corporate Finance and Private Finance –

Corporate finance involves managing assets, liabilities, revenues, and debts for a business. Personal finance defines all financial decisions and activities of an individual or household, including budgeting, insurance, mortgage planning, savings, and retirement planning.

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Business Finance – There are many different finances to do with businesses for example one of them could be a bank loan this is also managing your funds from the business that the person is with. Planning, analysis, and control operations are responsibilities of the financial manager, who is usually close to the top of the organizational structure of a firm.

The government also grants money sometimes to the public for like for the coronavirus out break or a small amount of money from a company. Grants also support businesses that are carried out. The money puts towards what’s most needed out of a business.