Many different music out in the world calm music or loud music people like different styles of music and also classical which the music is fast the slow in rhythm. Reggae is a tropical vibe feeling and music is made with a steel rounded drum the curves in and has holes in it to make different sounds and tunes.

Music is made by woodwind , steel , string , base and many other musical instruments in categories mainly its played by using string or wind instrument’s like flute people record music for company’s in music studios so people can get known and be famous. People have interests in music and buy records and makes people put the music on to make them chilled or relaxed.

Silver headphones on a Studio audio mixer.

Wind instruments are used in more relaxed environments people in an native American civilisation a pan pipes and hollow instrument’s made of wood.

Rock music and heavy metal these types have bands and concerts for different bands to perform there loud music with speakers and singing live. Bands like these has really loud instrument’s so people far back can hear in a concert.

Stings like guitar people play them for entertainment purposes mostly or performance and to learn from teacher or a beginners guide to play the instrument. These are not straight forward to play and need lessons for people to get on how to play the instrument’s. There is also online tutorials to help like videos.

Piano teacher giving a music lesson to her student