There are only two places in the uk that has clean air zones which is Birmingham and bath these are the less polluted areas in the uk meaning its not that bad in the air for the environment.  A Clean Air Zone is an area in the United Kingdom where targeted action is taken to improve air quality. A clean air zone is non-charging or charging. Whether a vehicle is charged when entering or moving through depends on the type of vehicle and the Euro standard of the vehicle.

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In the UK there’s four types of clean air zones altogether. The roads that has got clean air the most is called the low emission zone meaning there’s not much pollution. The zone now covers all areas within the North and South Circular Roads.

The cars that go in the zone that doesn’t match emission standards will have to pay a fee for entering the zone unless a valid exception.

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The clean air zones are active 24 hrs a day every day mainly the whole year 365 days goes continuously. If you live within the boundary of the Clean Air Zone and are the owner of a vehicle that will be charged you may be able to apply for a temporary exemption permit for residents. You’ll need the number plate (registration number) of the vehicle you want to check. If you’re paying the charge for a single vehicle you’ll need a credit or debit card. If you’re a business and want to check a number of vehicles you’ll need an account you can create one when you use this service.

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