Oxfam is a charity that raises funds to help people in need but also recently for the coronavirus pandemic. This charity line started in 1942 this shop only sell books in there shops but the books are marked at different prices that are low. This charity helps prevent global poverty they donate towards putting towards food , warm clothing and water mainly because that’s the resources people need everyday.

Young Man Helping at Charity Event

Oxfam is also a charity that is a private sector and the work supports the UNs sustainable development goals. In particular contributing to eliminating poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality and decent work, achieving clean water and sanitation for all, and reducing inequalities.

The Oxfam charity is also selling unwanted clothes on the internet and other items of clothing like kids wear and homeware like soft furnishings. Oxfam charity’s also help sculped and re-build the lives of people that hasn’t got no house or job they also have a telephone line so you can ring them up. Over 80% of funding came from Institutional and Public fundraising.

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Is Oxfam a good charity?
Oxfam has also achieved the highest Platinum level transparency and accountability status with Guide Star, a philanthropic research organization that provides unbiased non-profit information for donors. These rankings place Oxfam among an elite group of charitable organizations nationally. Oxfam has built these charity shops world wide to help get fund for people in poverty.