Diseases are all over the countries there is covid-19 that’s spread from a creature and to a human and killed loads of people about 600,0000 million people cant sure this disease apart from been put on a ventilator. Other diseases is easy or hard to cure it depends on how serious it is rabies is a bad disease this can also kill you because you can get a bite from a wild animal and a toxin controls the brain and make you not want to eat or drink because its a side effect.

The only way to cure rabies is to get a shot from a doctor to cure the patient slowly as its hard if fully gone out of it. Other diseases like diabetes and diarrea can kill you if your way to over weight or cant stop having problems with stool.

Cancer can kill you fast or slow it depends how quick its treated because people need to get scanned to find the cancerous masses to make them get treated. They treat this disease with radiation though the body to shrink the cancer if its a big growth then it can be removed by surgery.

There’s charity’s for certain diseases that help fund people to find cures and help people live longer or simply get cured from these diseases.

Medication are suited for some diseases but others don’t have a cure.