Caring for the old is called care for the elderly this means that you care for them at homes doing jobs for them or looking after them in care homes were nurses help them and take care of there needs. These services are called housekeeping services this includes cooking , cleaning , bed changing , domiciliary care , mobility support and administrating medication for them and more all these tasks must be done to active there needs.

Providing care for elderly

Elderly people have sometimes has other mental problems this means that they are hard to handle and though stuff and have little temper fits towards nurses and people trying to help.

This is a traditional way that provides the elderly with care they will get support if they hurt themselves because they will immediately get seen by emergency services if needed but in some homes they give the residents a button to wear around the neck and they press it if in danger. Charities help the elderly by raising money for them to help services for care for them most important is medications for some.

Pink Bath Time Self Care

People provide care for people that no longer can care for themselves or do normal activates or either there bed bond but also paralysed or cant breathe. People do day and night service or overnight to care for the elderly. Making sure there hygiene is up to date as well needs to be addressed because they want to feel healthy in themselves.