Managing your money is not easy to do for some people but it can be done with the help of your bank of choices banking app and with drawing your money from a cash machine. You will have a banking app or you will have a pin code to get your money out its normally a four digit pin.

Money can be managed by also helping people in the bank they can speak to the advisors and people then can be made to help with different circumstance’s.

There also long numbers on the cards and chips at the front of the card you can also self scan this means you don’t have to touch the key pad and show your number to anyone if someone is looking over your shoulder.

This is showing that your credit is safe and if you do it this way your more likely to make your credit safe instead of people stealing it. The problem with having a banking account on your device is people can steal your account number, code, money or account details. If someone has had your money from your bank you must tell someone and for security scrap your card and get a new one.






This information of this article is informing people of how to use banking apps and card or phone equally and how to be safe while using. In my apponiun the safest way to have mobile banking or any is use contactless banking meaning only use card when withdrawing.