Help for Abused and Battered Women – Protecting Yourself and Escaping from Domestic Violence. woan

Getting out of an abusive or violent relationship isn’t easy. Maybe you’re still hoping that things will change or you’re afraid of what your partner will do if he discovers you’re trying to leave. Whatever your reasons, you probably feel trapped and helpless. But help is available. There are many resources available for abused and battered women, including crisis hotlines, shelters—even job training, legal services, and childcare. You deserve to live free of fear. Start by reaching out. A domestic violence shelter or women’s shelter is a building or set of apartments where abused and battered women can go to seek refuge from their abusers. The location of the shelter is kept confidential so that your abuser cannot find you.

Why have women been deprived of such basic rights? 
Some cultures follow religious beliefs and practices that foster abuse and violence
 against them. An Indian lawyer Chandra Rami Chopra, ask the question, 
"Have women been cursed by God?"

The answer is emphatically NO. 

Instead, it is “the evil one called Satan the Devil,” who has been “cursed” by God.  
When God said that Adam would “dominate” his wife, 
God was not indicating his approval of the suppression of woman by man. 
He was basically foretelling the sad consequences that would result.  
the abuse of women is an outcome of the sinful nature of humans,not of God’s will. 
The Holy Book does not support the idea that women must be dominated by men.

Each one of you must love his wife as he does himself. You do not seek to damage yourself, why then abuse your partner?