Game consoles


There are many different types of game consoles and pcs for gaming. You can set these up to play and entertain yourself in free time. Some devices work by plugging cables and wires into the wall and some are for charging. Mostly kids and children play on gaming consoles more than they would do on gaming pcs because they wouldn’t know what to do. Consoles have been good technology but you can`t really play them for too long because you can damage your eye sight.

There’s new technology that has just come out which are the PS5 some Xboxes and a virtual reality head gear which you can see everything move like you are in the game itself. You can also get these in phones to strap to a goggle holder for the phone. Gamers buy games that was pixelated and very old like PS1 that was on a very simple console which had the disk compartment in the middle with two buttons.

When you play with these goggles you can`t wear them for ages because some people can feel sick, dizzy or get headaches from this even the disorientation is enough to make you fall over. People with epilepsy can`t really play with this technology but they can play on the computer but they will have to take breaks though when you play any games because your eyes needs a break.