Different ways typing and writing


There are different ways of writing out letters or copying out to write then print. People use pen, keyboard and vintage typing that uses ink. Typing is a fast process and gets things done fast so you don’t have to write on a piece of paper. Writing on paper takes more time because people read what they write and check spelling. People when writing are meant to use black pen not any other colours because only black ink prints out and scans like making a copy.

Using a keyboard the letters are in front of you and you will have a word document open and this way you can write a post then save it to file or email to someone when finished. You don’t use ink for this process only when you print if needed you can pay for print outs. You can use a vintage type writer with ink built in it and you type by putting down the letters on the springs then the paper moves along the top and then you have to move the bar left so the paper goes back so you can write more.

These are very easy to use because there’s no wires attached and its so neat and tidy. You just need paper and the ink prints when you type.