Car parking


Car parking is sometimes free but now you mostly have to pay in order to park in car parks at work and supermarkets. Cars are useful because you can use them everyday for shopping but you only have up to 4 hours max a day if you pay the full amount fee. You can pay by putting coins or notes into the machines they are normally small at shopping centres or ticket ones are a bit bigger.

There are parking places for disabled people with blue signs on and parent and toddler parking for kids and adults. You need proof to park in these places either with kids or blue badge. If people don’t pay for their parking tickets they will be fined because they are trespassing and not paying for a space in the parking lot.

You can also in some places have plates or permits that’s paid for to go into these parking spaces. There are different ways to park the best way is to do a parallel park. This is when the car is reversing backwards into a parking spot on the side of the road or in parking lot. When you are also parking make sure that the back lights are active to tell people that the car is going backwards so people don’t get run over then know one will get hurt or killed.