What do people think about poetry?


People enjoy reading poetry they think about different things that are going on in the poem and analyse it and draw pictures sometimes to do with the poem this is people expressing themselves. Poetry is made by people looking at objects or living things and writing about them.

People draw and link things to do with poetry on a piece of paper that’s a draft before writing or creating the poem. Poetry is words that are placed in a funny way compared to normal writing because the writer is using selected writing. People write in rhythm so when you say it the words are like jumping like a beat.

Kids and adults think about poetry in different ways and how there structured because kids ones and adults are different to each other and they will have a totally different opion because they can be simple or complex depending on what it is. There’s books everywhere now across the world and people read them and respect them. Poetry can also be used to be performed on stage. Many people anylise poems and turn them into plays or performances based on the book or made poem. The Children’s Poetry Archive is a place where you can listen to poems read out loud. We have poems read by the poets who wrote them as well as poems which other people have recorded for us.