Warts and verruca’s


Warts and verruca’s is growths of skin that form hard crusts on the surface and continue to grow with time. You can get treatment for this like creams and sprays to cure the skins and foot files to shape them down. Only verruca’s you can use a pumistone on to smooth it down. Warts more likely treated with cream but these can last for up to months or years depending if there big or small.

You can get these on your feet and hands but also spots on your forehead. You can get these checked out by doctor and they will tell you what to do and how to treat it they are harmless and they just basically sit on your skin until they go. If you go into a chemist or pharmacist they can give you advice and also places like boots with little consulting areas.

 Treatments can take up to 3 months to complete, may irritate your skin and do not always work. You should not use these treatments on your face. See a GP or doctor if you have these symptoms.

. Pain coming from the verruca or wart   . Keeps coming back

. If it bleeds or changes how it looks.

Verruca’s and warts can spread easily if you don’t wash your hands this is because its a fungal infection you cant get them off easily if they grow. They can spread anywhere on the body.