Still birth


People are upset when it is a still birth because the baby will come out and has no life to it that means its not breathing. This is also called a miscarriage when also the baby don’t develop propley and fails. The baby dies before 24 completed weeks this is part of the miscarriage. You need to contact your midwife or doctor straightaway if you’re pregnant and worried about your baby – for example, if you’ve noticed your baby moving less than usual. Don’t wait until the next day. If your baby is moving less, it can be a sign that something’s wrong and needs to be checked out you need to dial 111 for information.

Some stillbirths are linked to complications with the placenta, a birth defect or with the mother’s health. For others, no cause is found. If your baby has died, you may be able to wait for labour to start naturally or your labour may be induced. If your health is at risk, the baby may need to be delivered as soon as possible. It’s rare for a stillborn baby to be delivered by caesarean section to remove.

This is a surgery to remove the dead baby then they will put the baby somewhere and then transferred into a coffin and then buried.  It happens in around 1 in every 200 births in England.  Problems with a baby’s growth should be picked up during antenatal appointments. It’s important to be aware of your baby’s movements and know what’s normal for your baby like the umbilical cord is not wrapped around the baby’s neck.