Alcohol poisoning


Alcohol poisoning is when you drink a lot of alcohol and have a toxic effect on your head and movement because you basically will be high. Poisoning is bad because once sober you will get after effects like nausea and head ache depending on how much you drink. If you got alcohol poisoning you need to dial 999 immediately because its dangerous for your health.

In hospital, the person will be carefully monitored until the alcohol has left their system. If treatment is required, this may include:

  • inserting a tube into their mouth and windpipe (intubation) to open the airway, remove any blockages and help with breathing
  • fitting an intravenous drip, which goes directly into a vein, to top up their water, blood sugar and vitamin levels
  • fitting a catheter to their bladder to drain urine straight into a bag so they do not wet themselves.

You can also have a heart attack and you can stop breathing and other medical conditions that are dangerous. You can also have fits because the brains not going to function propley.

Alcohol poisoning can seriously damage your liver and can destroy your immune system because the liver is key other wise you cant survive without one because you will be dead.  Your liver is your body’s largest solid organ on average, it weighs around 3 pounds in adulthood and is roughly the size of a football. This organ is vital to the body’s metabolic functions and immune system.