You tube is on any device you can download or listen to you tube music which you have to pay for but you need internet to listen to. You tube is free except for premium you need to also pay for that. You tube people can watch a lot of things that comes to mind like games , funny things and more just for entertainment purposes only.

You can see some computers are voice active so you can also say you want you tube music and you tube to come on. You tube music is easy to use because you can either voice activate it or tap on the app. To search music its quick and easy and it knows what the music your searching for is. Music you can play without head phones or with headphones but you need wi-fi.

You can also get a stick to go into your tv to watch you tube but it has to be linked to the internet box for access. You can control this by plugging the cables in and using voice activation or control by remote. You can type up what you want to watch this way because you have a big key pad on the screen and search box. You can also share videos from you tube to people on messenger or other social media platforms.