Kidney infection


A kidney infection is common this is caused by an infection in your kidneys , this happens well you feel unwell it makes you feel hot and you will have lower back pain or tummy problems that are on going. This is a nasty infection because it can stop you from eating over time and you will feel like your going to die. Also if you have Diareioa for to long as well your body will be not good because you can bleed though this.

This women is suffering from abdominal pain this could be a kidney infection or worse you can go for a check up if its really severe then you can call 111 and ask for advise or ambulance or A@E. The symptoms in children are nearly the same but you have to watch what symptoms come up because you need to take them to see someone if you like blood in there pee immedaility go to the hospital so they can get treatment.

A kidney infection can sometimes develop without a bladder infection. For example, if you have a problem with your kidney, such as kidney stones, or if you have diabetes or a weakened immune system.