How are foods made?


Certain foods are grown but there’s food that is made like bread , chocolate and cakes and other stuff. Food like this can be cooked in the oven or a cold device like ice cream is made in a mixer ice cold one and cheese is made by milk and other stuff combined then strained. We use supermarket produce to create different types of foods from around the world and people like it because things tastes great.

These foods are fried with a burger grill and chippy fryer however these are not healthy foods but nice to have once as a treat once a week. You can also cook potato’s in these with oil as well or you can cook them in oven. Fish can be cooked in the microwave , oven or pan depending on what it is.

You can create other dishes like salad or a stir fry with vegterbles because you can cook a stir fry in the wok pan and you can create a salad by chopping vegterbles and putting other ingredients like potato salad which brings the dish together. The salads are good with some meat products but more vegans just eat greens and don’t believe that its right to eat animal products.