What has tech got inside them?


There are many technologies in the world there’s different chips and cyber ware inside of them like a battery , phone chips , cyber deck for the device to charge up the device or work the phone. If none of these were in any device they would not work because you need them to basically use any device otherwise its powerless.

This is what a cyber chip looks like these are stored into devices to make them work you can find blue , green , black and others they have got pathways on them these make sure that what ever device it is works correctly and not in the wrong way if the wrong chip is inserted then the system will crash or wont work.

There’s also some devices that are water proof like some phones and smart watches they will still work if you drop them in water. They also have charging ports and there different weights of device because you can get them and there either thick or thin depending what device you buy. The cyber chips has got little metal prongs at the end of each connected path way this make the device work.