Rabies is a deadly disease that when infected attacks the nerves and the brain of any animal or human. Humans can get a vaccine to cure this if infected its called a rabies shot it stops the infection from happening. Most animals that I’ve seen with rabies is foxes and dogs mostly.

Humans can get infected by either getting bitten or scratched it only takes one to infect you. And avoid touching any dead animals that are on the ground as they can be infected with the disease. The animals if infected can take tablets or something to help with there problem but they will act strangely because they have no control and just attack you because the brain is controlling them. If you get bit or scratched you will need to -immediately clean the wound with running water and soap for several minutes disinfect the wound with an alcohol- or iodine-based disinfectant and apply a simple dressing, if possible go to the nearest medical centre, hospital or GP surgery as soon as possible and explain that you have been bitten or scratched

If this happens while you’re abroad, get local medical help immediately. Do not wait until you have returned to the UK. If you have already returned to the UK without getting medical advice, it’s still a good idea to get help, even if it’s been several weeks since you were bitten or scratched. It’s unlikely you have been infected with rabies, but it’s best to be safe. Post-exposure treatment is nearly 100% effective if it’s started before any symptoms of rabies appear.