Privacy online


Privacy online is when you go on social media or buying something and you give away information that needs to be kept personal when its giving people can steal your informational data about you and use them as there own. Online people have lots of emails everyone of them has a security pin so other people cant get in only you. Online you can send videos or do what you want with friends but some people go to far and they get arrested.

Privacy is like using devices for business use only like checking what the business is doing and if there not hacked. If there looking at business purposes only people will have a password before accessing if not from business you won’t be able to access the online privacy policy.

The pass word must be kept in a safe place so no one can find it or revile it or user ID or name because you cant access without it. Facebook and sites like this has policy’s if people are doing something wrong they will be removed or reported. This Is Your Human Right Online privacy, also known as internet privacy or digital privacy, refers to how much of your personal, financial and browsing information remains private when you’re online. This has become a growing worry, with browsing history and personal data all potentially at risk when online.