Phones and computers


Phones and computers are used in every day life if we were in trouble or had a bad accident and we didn’t have access to a phone we be suffering. Computers link to social medias and internet and to help people or kids learn. There also used for many different things also for zoom meetings through the camera instead of face to face.

Phones are easy to use the modern ones are simple because there touch screen like a touch pad. And the keys are touch pad active because you can text and write to people like what’s saved on your contact list. Computers have key pads to write on the screen with to do mostly work. The devices are good because you can talk to friends that you cant come into contact with directly.

Computers have keyboard and mouse to operate the device this is linked to a power box that’s connected with wires either charged or plugged in. Wires are sometimes a trip hazard and needs to be under the desk however a phone charger you can put next to you by phone Anker charger for example or inside the wall socket next to you. Smart phones can be used like a computer due to their ability to surf the Web and use computer software. PCs and cell phones are both electronically powered devices, though cell phones require a charged internal battery while desk PCs remain plugged into a wall outlet during use.