Machines are used in factory’s to box or sort or package items or food products with in and store in were ever they need to go. Either they store in boxes in freezers or fridge’s. Machines are very useful because they do everything for you when you compute them to do the same instructions typed in. Computers control machines and buttons they are normally next to the machines or hanging by to press if the machine needs to be stopped in anyway.

Some are different to work with this person is working with this machine by handling this by moving the nobs to crank the machine and it looks like some sort of printing press machine. Machines need to handle with care like wearing goggles and work gloves for this machine. Because it can be dangerous because things fly from the machine and can hit you in the eyes and stick in them and then you will have to go into hospital like haveing metal in your eye.

This doctor is checking a women that’s worked with a machine and got something in her eye she is currently having an eye test. The doctor examines the eyes clearly for anything in there if there’s something in the eye then he will remove the metal if so and give medication like eyedrops.