A coma is when your put under antithetic which is a drug which puts you to sleep this is applied if your having problems breathing and you need a breathing tube down your neck then your placed under for months. This can also relate to a bad brain injury like serve alcohol poisoning or bleeding. When they are woken up they are showing no signs of awareness like they don’t know where they are or anything.

People in a coma wont also respond to sound or pain and basically swallowing is reduced so they will have trouble. Some people may require a machine to breathe or they can breathe slightly on there own but with difficulty. Caring for a person they will be put in ICU – intensive care unit. This is blood pressure and breathing support mostly and to support the body’s nutrition.

Most people in a coma will have a total score of 8 or less. A lower score means someone may have experienced more severe brain damage and could be less likely to recover. In the longer term, healthcare staff will give supportive treatment on a hospital ward. This can involve providing nutrition, trying to prevent infections, moving the person regularly so they don’t develop bedsores and gently exercising their joints to stop them becoming tight.