There is different types of weather sun , rain , snow , hail , slight , and cold and hot weather is traced on a weather chart. This is picked up on a radar in space that signals the whole globe. The weather has been on the radio and the news and people explain and show what’s happening day to day only for the country that you are in.

This is a park when its sunny the weather makes plants and tress grow and fertilise and look nice. Weather like snow is really bad because travel can stop like buses , trains and many other road ones. Weather also has also degrees C on it on how hot or cold it is you can also read this from thermometer or device.

Weather can be disturbed by pollution and climate change if people use to much fossil fuels this changes the weather. If the weather is hot one part of the globe then the opposite side will be cold. There is links for also the days in the week to click on to check the weather and what time the weathers active.