Travel safety


There are many issues on trains and buses they can be to packed and people that accidently fall over seriously hurt themselves because people are to close together in china the trains were really packed and they were struggling to close the doors. People are not social distancing in this time when they should I think this is why the virus is spreading.

There’s also been intrupsions on the railway like people on the tracks and trying to get run over by them which is stupid and graffitiing on the side of the trains. Buses however people run in front of buses of them and have so many accidents as well people then sue the drivers and say they have hurt them but instead it was there own flaut.

Traveling must be directed carefully by operators and safety instructors then you will not ending up getting hurt same if you were to listen to the driving instructor as well if your doing a driving test. Listening and following travel safety is key to stay alive if you don’t fellow it your going to break something or end up in hospital.