Obesity is when you have body weight that your to fat this means your over weight and need help with weight loss because if you have to much fat it can kill you because fats harmful because you can gain it but then you cant physically move around. BMI tells you if your a healthy weight there’s a chart that you will see and it will show your weight after you had it checked. To check your weight you go to dietionsionist.

Most men of the population is fat than women because men are normally drinkers than women and eat more. People eat a lot more when they are depressed or lost someone they love or died. You can get type 2 diabetes , coronary heart disease and breast cancer and bowel cancer. And you can suffer from a stroke as well depending on your weight if its heavy because its dangerous for the heart. This is a women that has been gym but because her weight problems she is struggling to breathe.

Gym is the healthiest option to go to because you can burn calories and also you can go healthy and eat healthy foods to help balance your weight and health. Vegetables and salad help balance you diet.