Insomnia – sleeplessness


Insomnia is when you think there’s something there also this is when you wake up more than 7 times in the night and your having trouble in going back to sleep. Some people wake up early and cant get back to sleep because they fined it hard they normally try ways to get sleep like taking pills and by drinking warm milk. People sometimes know that this is not working for them so they see a doctor.

This is a women that has sleeping problems this is a mental health condition that you feel tired still after waking up this can be bad because you cant focus easy on everyday life. If you have insomnia for less than 3 months you have short term insomnia and if it last over 3 months its long term insomnia. On average adults need to sleep around 7-9 hours children need 9-13 hours and toddlers and babies need around 12-17 hours.

The causes of insomnia is anxiety , depression and other things similar that trigger this and also hot or cold rooms that you go in as well. Alcohol can be a bad effect to this because it can mess with your head and you wont beable to sleep.

This shows the status of how long you sleep for this is a device that keeps a tally of how much sleep your getting.