Hay fever


Hay fever is when you are allergic to plants and flowers and grass particles. You can get medicatesion behind the counter or prescribed by doctors to send over by prescription by computer to the pharmacy. The symptoms for this is sneezing , runny nose , blocked nose and many more to do with hay fever.

Hay fever you can get by going though this field of flowers there is a lot of pollen that starts people off. Normally it would be a runny nose and a blocked nose they will either give you nasal spray or inhaler. You can also get ear ache from hay fever because everything is connected with the head ears , mouth , nose and other airways. You can get eye drops for the eyes to get rid of the fever build up in the eye.

You can get eye drops the cure hay fever from local chemist you can get different ones you need to make sure that its the right drops to make it work. If you have asthma you might have problems breathing with tight chest , lung problems and other problems in chest place and you need breathing equipment to open the blocked airway. Allergy season is normally between April – august this is when there are flowers out the rest of the months they die and trees welt.