Food colours and hyperactivity in kids


There are different food colours in food that can trigger hyperactivity in kids these colours are artificial colours that are from plants and other substances. Coke for instance has a lot of sugars in and kids can go hyper of it and there mood can change and what they say back which in language.

These are the colours that send kids hyper –

  • E102 (tartrazine)
  • E104 (quinoline yellow)
  • E110 (sunset yellow FCF)
  • E122 (carnosine)
  • E124 (ponceau 4R)
  • E129 (Allura red)

Food colours are in food to give them a vibrant edge to them like ice cream , sweets and fizzy pops. If your child has ADHD hyper activity disorder you may want to avoid these.

But it’s important to be aware that:

  • hyperactivity can have many different causes, including genetics, and food colours are probably only a small part of the problem
  • removing food colours from your child’s diet will not necessarily lead to an improvement in their behaviour
  • the link between food colours and hyperactivity is not completely certain; more research is needed to confirm it
  • you do not need to avoid all E numbers; there are hundreds of different E numbers and most are not linked to hyperactivity

If you think your child’s diet may be affecting their behaviour, it might help to keep a diary of what they eat and how their behaviour changes, so you can see any patterns.

If you notice a possible link between food colours and their behaviour, you may want to see if avoiding these colours helps. But do not make drastic changes to your child’s diet without getting medical advice first.